Move Contact and Tickets by MSPintegrations is an Autotask LiveLink that helps to move an Autotask contact from one account to another account. The LiveLink also presents a list of all Autotask tickets for the contact and can move each ticket, as well.

If you are presented with a message telling you the URL is no longer valid, follow the below steps to update your LiveLink to use the current configuration.

Step 1. Launch the Autotask LiveLink Designer

  1. Inside Autotask, hover the mega-menu at the top-left corner and click Admin
  2. Click the tab Extensions & Integrations
  3. Click to expand Autotask Add-Ons
  4. Click LiveLinks Designer

Step 2. Update the LiveLink

  1. Locate the LiveLink called Move Contact and Ticket
    • Note: You may have named it differently when you created it.
  2. Right-click the LiveLink and click Edit
  3. Update the Base URL field to:
  4. Update the Querystring Values field to:
  5. Click Save & Close

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