When looking into your new tickets being created in Autotask, you may find that they were created in the wrong queue, or contain a different Priority or Issue Type than what was configured in Email2AT Classic. This can happen if Email2AT could not process the email through the API (ATWS), and subsequently sent the email to be processed by the Autotask legacy system (ATES). If this happens, then the ticket will be created based on the processing rules that are configured in your Autotask account. To view and/or configure these options, please complete the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to your Autotask account here: ww1.autotask.net
  2. Sign in to your Autotask account, select the Autotask icon in the upper-left corner, and click on Admin.
  3. Expand the Application-Wide (Shared) Features section, then click on Incoming Email Processing.
  4. Click on the three small lines to the left of Add Ticket Email Service (ATES), then select Edit.
  5. Click on the Ticket tab, and this will allow you to view and/or configure the ATES default settings for creating tickets.

Additionally, you can find more information about why ATWS failed to create the ticket in your Email2AT History log. To access this, please complete the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to our secure MSPintegrations Login Page here: https://secure.mspintegrations.com/auth/login
  2. Sign in using your existing Autotask credentials, and you will be taken to your account page.
  3. On the left-side menu, select the option for History, found under the Email2AT heading.
  4. Locate the email that was sent by identifying the ticket subject, the from or to email address, the ticket number, and/or the date/time.
  5. Select the Log tab to view the details about how the email was handled by Email2AT.

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