If an end-user emails you directly, instead of sending an email to the normal “support” address as they have been instructed, then this is not created as a ticket in Autotask without some manual intervention. However, with Email2AT Classic, you can simply forward that original email to your “support” address. To successfully be processed, you will also need to add that original email as an attachment (drag and drop the email, or save it with a .eml extension then manually attach it), and this will allow it to be created as a new ticket in Autotask. However, you may run into times where the new ticket shows as created by you, and not created by the sender of the original email, as it should.

For example, if end-user Bob is having computer issues and sends a direct email to support technician Travis, once Travis forwards that email to your “support” address it should show as a new ticket created by Bob, and have Bob listed as the ticket contact.


This typically happens if support technician Travis is not listed in the account as a resource, and/or does not have the email address he forwarded from attached to his profile. This can be resolved in a few simple steps.

  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to your Autotask account here: ww1.autotask.net
  2. Sign in to your Autotask account, select the Autotask icon in the upper-left corner, and click on Admin.
  3. Expand the Resources/Users (HR) section.
  4. Click on Resources/Users.
  5. Click on the + New icon if you need to add a user, and fill out the appropriate details. Be sure to include the correct email address(es). Select Save & Close to exit.
  6. If there is already an existing user, then simply right-click on that user, select Edit Resource, and add in the correct email address(es). Select Save & Close to exit.

The next time you forward an email attachment, it should now appear as sent by the original email sender.

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