In its simplest terms, Kaseya2AT accepts email-based alerts from a Kaseya system, and converts these emails to tickets in Autotask. It does so by leveraging Autotask’s existing Add Ticket Email Service.

Once Kaseya2AT has received an inbound email and confirmed that it is, indeed, a valid Kaseya alert, Kaseya2AT will route the email to Autotask’s Add Ticket Email Service for ticket creation.

Configuring Ticket Destination and Notifications

Because the ticket is created by Autotask’s Add Ticket Email Service, all Autotask alerts, notifications, and workflow rules are configured from within Autotask.

  1. From within Autotask, navigate to the Admin section via the Admin tile: Screenshot-autotask-topbar-admin
  2. Select the Add Ticket E-Mail Service link:
  3. On the General tab, configure the destination for all Kaseya2AT-created tickets.
  4. On the Notification tab, be sure to check the “Sender (XML Notification” option for both Successful and Unsuccessful Ticket Creation. This will cause the Add Ticket Email Service to send an email back to Kaseya2AT so that the ticket number can be displayed in the Kasey2AT configuration screen.
  5. autotask-ates-tab1