When Email2AT Classic processes inbound emails on your behalf, the system accesses your Autotask account using a stored username and password. If you change that password but don’t update Email2AT, our system will keep trying to access Autotask using the now-incorrect password. This can cause Autotask to lock your user account.

How to know if this is happening

When an Autotask user account is locked because of repeated attempts to login with an incorrect password, Autotask will send an email notification to alert you about this.

Since Email2AT isn’t able to access your Autotask account using the Autotask API (ATWS), Email2AT will redirect inbound messages to Autotask’s legacy “Add Ticket Email Service” (ATES). This will ensure that tickets are created in your Autotask instance, but the tickets will likely be created in a different queue than you expect.

How to fix this

There are two steps to fix this issue, and they should be completed at the same time.

Unlock the Autotask user account

First, you should unlock the Autotask account and optionally update the password. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Admin menu in Autotask
  • Click Resources (Users)
  • Right-click on the account that is locked and click Edit Resource
  • Click Security (tab)
  • Ensure that the Active check box is checked
  • Uncheck the checkbox for User Locked (uncheck and save to unlock)
  • Click Change Password
  • Choose a new password and click Save & Close

Update the MSPintegrations account information

Once you have updated the password in Autotask, you should update the password for Email2AT. To do this:

  • Navigate to www.MSPintegrations.com
  • Click Login
  • Enter the Autotask username and password you just unlocked
    • If you are already logged into MSPintegrations, log out and then log back in using the new username and password
  • Click Login

When you log into MSPintegrations using the new username and password, MSPintegrations will update the stored Autotask username and password for your user. From this point forward, MSPintegrations will continue using the now-correct username and password for Email2AT.

How to troubleshoot continued lock outs

If your Autotask account is locked out again, it may be that you have configured another system to use the username and password, and that system needs to be updated, as well.

To test for this, you should change the username for the account that is being locked out. Immediately log into MSPintegrations using the new username and password. After some time, if the account is not locked out, it’s likely that another system was using your username and password. Once you identify that system, you can change the username back or leave it at the new value.