Although it is not possible to change the domain name associated with your Email2AT Classic address, you have several options if your Autotask login domain has changed.

Did you change your company’s domain name?

If you are using the same Autotask instance now as you were when you activated our services, but you asked Autotask Support to change your domain name, then you should contact Autotask Support and ask them to add your old domain as an alternative login domain for your database. Your new domain will still work, and you can login as normal, but this will allow you to login using your old domain, as well. Autotask supports multiple domain names in a single instance, so they can leave your old and new domain names valid.

In other words, if your old Autotask login was, but you changed to, Email2AT will be trying to login to Autotask as which will no longer work. If you contact Autotask Support and ask them to make both domains work, then Email2AT can login as even though you are now logging in with

Did you get a new Autotask instance?

If you changed to a brand new Autotask database, you will need to create a new Email2AT account. Simply sign up for a new account, and then contact our support team to have your old account disabled.