So that ticket updates appear in Autotask with the name of the person who sent the update, Email2AT Classic can optionally use the Autotask Client Portal to update tickets. If, for some reason, adding the ticket update through the Client Portal fails, Email2AT will use the Autotask Web Services API (ATWS).

Usually, when a ticket update fails in the portal and fails over to ATWS, it’s because the person sending the ticket update is not the ticket contact.

For instance, let’s say Adam opens a new ticket via email. If Mary later sends an email into that Ticket, Mary’s Client Portal account won’t be authorized to add new ticket notes to Adam’s tickets. Mary’s note will be added with ATWS instead of the Client Portal.

Duplicate Contacts

In some rare cases, there may be 2 Contacts in Autotask by the same name. One of them may be assigned to the ticket, and the other one may have a Client Portal account active. In this case, if a ticket is assigned to the first contact, then email updates will fail. To fix this, use the Autotask Contact Merge tool. This can be completed by following the steps below:

  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to your Autotask account here:
  2. Sign in to your Autotask account, select the Autotask icon in the upper-left corner, and click on Admin.
  3. Expand the Accounts & Contacts section, then click on Contact Merge.
  4. Locate the Source Contact and the Destination Contact, then click on Merge.

If you would like to delete the old contact, please ensure you also mark the Delete Contact check box, found under the Source Contact field.