Kaseya2AT is a hosted service designed to accept email alerts from Kaseya and turn those alerts into Autotask tickets. When you activate Kaseya2AT, your company is assigned a unique email address similar to yourdomain.com@kaseya2at.net. You then configure your Kaseya system to send email alerts to this unique email address, and Kaseya2AT will convert those alerts to Autotask tickets.

Kaseya2AT uses the Autotask Add Ticket Email Service (ATES) to create tickets.

What does Kaseya2AT cost?

Through partnership with Autotask, Kaseya2AT is included in the cost of your Autotask subscription. There is no additional fee to use Kaseya2AT.

How do I activate Kaseya2AT?

To activate Kaseya2AT, contact Autotask Support at support@autotask.com or by calling 518-720-3500 and ask to have Kaseya2AT activated for your account.

Are there any limitations to Kaseya2AT?

Kaseya2AT will only process emails which are created by a Kaseya system. To verify this, Kaseya2AT requires that any inbound alert include a Machine ID or a Group ID to be present.

Acceptable formats for Machine ID string:

Machine ID: machinename.groupname.subgroupname
Machine ID #machinename.groupname.subgroupname
Machine ID#machinename.groupname.subgroupname

How do I configure Kaseya2AT

Kaseya2AT creates tickets using the Autotask Add Ticket Email Service (ATES). To change the queue, status, or other attributes for tickets created by Kaseya2AT, configure the Add Ticket Email Service from within your Autotask account.