It is highly recommended that you add an SPF record to your domain (see below) so that you and your customers will be able to receive email notifications from Email2AT Classic.

The method Email2AT uses to send email notifications may be considered as ‘spoofing’ by some SPAM filtering systems. Creating an SPF record in your domain’s DNS will authorize Email2AT to send these messages on your behalf.

To ensure you are able to receive email notifications from Email2AT, please follow the following steps:

All systems used by Email2AT are listed in the SPF record for mspintegrations.com. The simplest way to include these systems in your own SPF record is to add “include:mspintegrations.com” to your SPF record.

customerdomain.com. 18000 IN TXT "v=spf1 include:mspintegrations.com ~all"

spfwizard.com provides a very easy, interactive wizard to create a new SPF record for a domain. If your domain has no SPF record, you can use this tool to create one. Be sure to include “mspintegrations.com” in the “Enter any other domains who may send or relay mail for this domain” box.

If you need assistance creating an SPF record for your domain, our professional services team can assist you in this process. Normal hourly rates apply.