Email2AT Classic uses the Autotask Web Services API (ATWS) to create tickets in Autotask. Sometimes, the call to ATWS will fail for one reason or another.

When ticket creation fails, Email2AT will send the email via Autotask’s Add Ticket Email Service (ATES).

If you would like to be notified if Email2AT fails to create a ticket in your Autotask, you can enable notifications for emails created via ATES. This way, any time Email2AT cannot create a new ticket via ATWS, and fails to ATES, your Autotask system will alert you.

To enable ATES alerts:

  1. Navigate to the Incoming Email Processing settings
    1. Open a web browser, and navigate to your Autotask account here:
    2. Sign in to your Autotask account, select the Autotask icon in the upper-left corner, and click on Admin.
    3. Expand the Application-Wide (Shared) Features section, then click on Incoming Email Processing.
  2. To the left of the Add Ticket Email Service (ATES) item, click the 3 bullet point icon
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click the Ticket tab
  5. Configure Failure Notifications and Success Notifications
    • Be sure to configure the section labeled To Internal Resources and/or Other Email Addresses
  6. Click Save & Close

Once alerts have been setup, you can test to be sure that these alerts are working by sending an email to your email address. This is the first address listed in your Email2AT Inbound Addresses screen.