Reflexion is a hosted anti-spam company and is quite popular among managed services providers. To enable Reflexion services on a domain, the MSP redirects the DNS MX record for the domain to Reflexion’s mailhost. Reflexion then receives all mail for the domain, filters for spam, and forwards non-spam to the mail server for the domain. Reflexion also receives outbound email from the mail server and acts as the sending gateway for outbound email.

Setup Overview

There is no special setup for Reflexion to work with Email2AT Classic. The MSP should create a Reflexion User to represent the support address (i.e., and then setup their destination mail server to forward email for this address to the corresponding Email2AT address (i.e.

Reflexion has added as a permitted relay globally in their system. This means that Reflexion should allow any message to be sent to an address without blocking it or marking it as spam.