It can be really frustrating when emails seem to go “missing” somewhere between your computer and Autotask. If you find yourself trying to figure out why emails aren’t making it into Autotask, work through each of the following steps to find the missing link.

Check the Email2AT Classic History Log

If Email2AT Classic is receiving the message, it will be logged in your account history at

Check to see if your missing email is listed in the Email2AT history:

  • Open a web browser, and navigate to
  • Click Login at the top-right
  • Enter your Autotask username and password, then click Login
  • Click the History option for Email2AT in the left side bar

The results are searchable, and sorted from newest to oldest. Look to see if you can find your missing email.

If the message is listed in your history, then review the history details for that email:

  • Click the title of the message to open the message’s details
  • Click the Log tab to see how it was processed

If Email2AT was able to create a ticket using the Autotask API (ATWS), the ticket number will be listed on the History tab.

If Email2AT was not able to create a ticket using ATWS, the log should include details as to why it was not created successfully.

Try To Bypass Your Mail Server

Try to send a message directly to your email address (example:

If you can create a ticket by sending to directly, then you will need to review the email server settings for your own server to be sure it’s forwarding to Email2AT correctly.

Check your email server configuration. The email server should be set to redirect email from your own domain (example: to your or address. For example, your email server should receive email at and forward it to

If you’re not sure that your server is forwarding the messages correctly, a great troubleshooting step is to configure your server temporarily to forward to another address outside your domain (like an address Once that’s working, then modify the redirect address back to the or address and try again.

Critical Ticket

If you send an email directly to your address, and it never shows up, then there may be something wrong on our end of things. We consider this a very urgent ticket. Please email us at or call our support team at 877-214-1606 for further assistance.